Training & Tech Assistance

For Health Centers to succeed in the rapidly changing and highly competitive healthcare market place, they must maintain high levels of quality and operational efficiency and have the ability to quickly adapt to change. NMPCA seeks to assist its members to improve quality and efficiency, and in response to member input offers a robust menu of training and technical assistance in the following areas:


• Federal Policy Compliance, Sliding Fee Schedule Development, Cost-based fee Schedules, Financial Compliance, Federal Torts Claims insurance,
• Human Resources, Legal Issues, Recruitment and Retention
• Finance Training, Cost Reports, Financial Analysis, Data Analysis and Benchmarking
• Board Training: Legal, Financial, and Governance Requirements for Community Boards
• Outreach and Enrollment

Technical Assistance:

• Financial Analysis
• Strategic Planning
• Clinical Quality Improvement and Systems Development – See “Programs and Services – Clinical Quality”
• Revenue Cycle Analysis and Assistance with Billing Issues Revenue Cycle Analysis and Assistance with Billing Issues
• Health information Technology - See “Programs and Services – HIT”