Outreach and Enrollment

For the past 10 years, the NMPCA has maintained a contract with the NM Human Services Department (NMHSD) to provide oversight, training and technical assistance to Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) and community based agencies to provide Medicaid outreach and enrollment services to their communities. The NMPCA Medicaid Enrollment Program (MEP) typically oversees contracts with 25-30 organizations annually. NMPCA ensures that staff are appropriately trained to provide Presumptive Eligibility and Medicaid On-Site Application Assistance (PE/MOSAA).

Additionally, the NMPCA has contracted with the New Mexico Health Insurance Exchange to provide enrollment services into Qualified Health Plans by utilizing FQHC sites and through a team of enrollers directly employed by the NMPCA.

NMPCA provides technical assistance to sub-contracting/ partner organizations through both site visits and regularly scheduled meetings with program managers/ directors. Meetings of the program mangers/ directors provide opportunities to identify barriers and to share strategies for reaching hard-to-reach populations. NMPCA is continually working with partner agencies to improve the awareness, outreach and enrollment process and for improving enrollment processes.

For those with questions or in need of in-person assistance for either Medicaid (Centennial Care) or Health Insurance Exchange enrollment, you may call: 866-306-3096.