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Clinical Quality:
    Karen Sakala, RN, BSN
    Veronica (Ronnie) Campos, RN, PCMH CCE
    Audrey Cooper, RN

​Outreach & Enrollment:
    Alberta Romero – Lead Program & Ed. Coordinator

Enrollment Counselors:
    Claudia Vigil                  Alberta Scott
    Ana Canales                  Virginia Lewis
    Ricardo Campos             Rosecelia Harrison
    Sage Bird                      Carol Edison
    Frances Aguirre-Francis  Sarah Adeky
    Yvette Romero              Randall Zuni 

The staff of New Mexico Primary Care Association (NMPCA) work on behalf of New Mexico’s Community Health

Centers to provide advocacy, training, technical assistance, and other support services. 

​​​​Administrative Support:              
    Samson Munoz, Financial Analyst
    Margaret Gabaldon, Finance Manager
    Michelle Corona, Office Manager

    JoAnn Marquez , Compliance Specialist​

​Health IT:
    Jeremy Townsend, IT Director     
    Chris De Lette, Network Administrator
    Frank Pacheco, Network Administrator
    Gabriel Baca, Network Administrator
    Max Wilson, Network Administrator
    Steve Marquis, Database Administrator 

            NMPCA Leadership:

            David Roddy, Executive Director and CFO
            Eileen Goode, Director of Operations
            Robert Longstreet, Chief Information Officer
            Debbie Rochford, Member Services Director